Watermolen Sport is reopening!
Coronavirus prevention measures

Watermolen Sport" is reopening ! In order to ensure maximum safety for our customers, we ask you to carefully observe the following measures:

  • Stay at least 1.50 m apart.
  • wear a face mask in the shop.
  • disinfect your hands before you enter the shop and when you leave the shop.

We continue to operate by appointment only.


Just go jogging for a while, training
Just empty that head

That feeling of freedom
That's what we do it for
Each in their own rhythm
To feel good in your own skin

For some a relaxed endurance run in the forest,
For others a varied training session with some strides and some technique drills.
For the most ambitious even something more intensive like a track session
But always with the same principle in mind
Giving the body the time to adapt to the training load and running environment
Distance and time, surface, intensity,...

Let's always be aware
Of our strengths and weaknesses

Some of them might require some special attention
Flexibility, strength, stability, running technique,...

Your choice of running shoes is an essential part in this equation
The only element between your body and the ground
Many factors influence what shoes are the best for you and we take them all into account…
Your running style, your body and foot type, any muscular imbalances you might have etc.
We are here to help you find the ideal choice for your needs.


  • What to bring to your appointment: Current running shoes, running socks, shorts or tights and a t-shirt,
  • The duration of an appointment is approximately 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Shoes are available from size 35 to size 49.
  • If you haven't exercised for a while, we recommend that you visit your doctor or cardiologist for a check-up.

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